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Executive Leaders: Create a Leadership Presence that Builds

Powerful Relationships and Maximizes Your Influence and Career

Executive Leadership

Every executive professional aims to be a top-notch, well respected Leader and deliver top-notch performance and results. The time has come for corporate executives and leaders alike, to acknowledge their power in the work force and step confidently into positions of influence, and at The Boyden Group™, we will light the way.

Perhaps you are already in a position of leadership looking to enhance your career, or are an executive in a large corporation looking to navigate the C-Suite. Or perhaps you are part of an organization looking to help your division leaders grow personally and professionally. Whatever your needs, whether it’s Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, or Team Development, we will work together to customize an effective program that addresses your goals and expectations.

  • What does your Leadership Presence say about you as a Leader? Have you stepped back to take a look at how you are perceived in your organization? People's perception of you is their reality, and only YOU are in control of that!
  • What type of INFLUENCE do you carry with your team - Positive or Negative?
  • Would you like to build your CONFIDENCE, and learn to take chances or play bigger?
  • How do you COMMUNICATE with your team, peer and upper management?
  • Are you looking for a deeper and more effective CONNECTION throughout all levels of your business or organization?
  • Are you looking to strategically position yourself or your company in a way that attracts opportunities for growth?
  • Would you like to be able to identify the “road blocks” beneath the surface and adopt a Masterful Leader Mindset that can propel you into higher earnings and income potential?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Boyden Group™ is for you. With proven guidance, we have helped hundreds of executives and leaders learn how to gain clarity on “big picture” goals, enhance communication with clients and co-workers, earn and maintain respect and credibility and increase their Leadership presence as Corporate Leaders.

The corporate world is dynamic and fast-paced. These challenges demand that professional executives be able to respond to quick growth and new opportunities. With the help of The Boyden Group™, you will receive personal attention to successfully customize an engagement that specifically fits your business’ current needs, expectations and long term goals.

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What's your value in the workplace?

If you always feel like you have to fight for your voice or opinion to be heard, then you are in the right place! We can help you increase your influence and quit fighting for “your place at the table”.

Dealing with office politics

Do you struggle with handling the muddy waters of office politics?

This is for you if you find yourself in the position having to play the game of chess with various players in the organization or been involved in a “sticky” situation and unsure of how to tread the water. If you have ever just been unsure of how to handle confidential information that you will affect someone else, or involved in the water cooler gossip…then you are in the right place.

Striving For Work Life Balance

Are you just over committed at work and at home?

Are you booked solid with meetings 60% of time? Are you always running from one meeting, email, or phone call to the next? We can help you! Discover strategic ways to set boundaries and so that work doesn't end up controlling you. You've found the right place.

Seven success secrets

Books by Bernice

The time has come for women to step confidently into positions of influence. The Masterful Leader program allows women to identify and capitalize on their most powerful gifts and talents. Begin today to embrace your worth and to create a life of success and abundance.

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