Be Laser-Focused: Top 4 Tips for Professional Women

focus on your goalsA lot of people often use the words concentration and focus interchangeably.

The fact, however, is that there is a huge difference between the two. While concentration is short term, focus refers to dedication to more long term goals.

For example, finishing a project at hand would require concentration, but you would need to stay focused in order to achieve your yearly goals in terms of projects and profits.

How to become more laser-focused?

  1. Make a list of your short term and long term goals.
    This will help you gain more clarity not only about where you want to go, but also about the small steps that you need to take everyday in order to get there. Let’s say that your long term goal is to start your own coaching firm. Now your short term goals would probably include, networking with the right people, marketing yourself as a professional coach, building your brand value, developing your own skills, etc.
  2. Lay down your weekly/monthly milestones.
    It may sound like a very bookish piece of advice, but laying down milestones for yourself actually works! You can choose the time frame that you are comfortable with and decide on the criteria against which you are going to measure your success. Knowing exactly what you are working to achieve will not only give you more clarity about your progress but will also save you from getting distracted.
  3. Create an incentive and reward program.
    If it works as a management strategy, it can definitely work as a self-management strategy too! Everyone likes to be rewarded for their efforts, so there is nothing wrong in rewarding yourself! Just make sure you exercise enough self-control and take your rewards only when your deserve them.
  4. Identify your distractions.
    In order to stay focused you need to build your concentration levels as well. Saying I get distracted easily won’t help you identify the exact problem you need to figure out exactly why you get distracted? Is it your cluttered environment? Your restless nature? Your desire to accomplish everything at once? Lack of organizational skills? Phone calls from family or friends? Or your personal problems? Once you are aware of the things that break your concentration, you can take steps to address specific remedial steps. So, for instance, if the source of your distraction is untimely calls, you can put your phone on voice mail and request your callers to send you a message in case they have an urgent matter to discuss.

Clarity about where you want to be and a firm focus on your goals can bring you the success you deserve. All that you need to do is to put in a little effort.

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