Bernice Boyden SPHR, CEC, PCC

Executive Coach Bernice BoydenFor years, leaders and executives at leading companies have relied on Bernice to help them expand their influence, enhance their leadership presence and help them see their blind spots along the way. From high potentials to executive level management in Fortune 50 organizations have used Bernice as their secret weapon to overcome leadership, people issues and communication challenges that stand in their way of their impact on their teams, career, and ultimately their lives.

Bernice is described as “The Leader’s Confidante” as she uses “best friend” charisma to create an open environment for her clients. She understands the fragile world of leadership and the need for confidentiality by creating a “safe place” for people/leaders to be themselves and ultimately get results. Most notably, her clients get the leadership advantage they want and need, advance in their positions, avoid burnout, and most of all get their mojo back at home and work.

Known for her truth-telling, compassionate and candor, Bernice Boyden has coached and trained many leaders across several industries since 1993. Whether working one-on-one with clients, as a leadership trainer or facilitator, Bernice’s commitment is to guide her clients to get clear about the behaviors, communications, and obstacles that stand in the way of them being their best.

For almost two decades, Bernice worked as an HR Professional for several large Fortune 50 companies to include AT&T, Verizon Wireless and FedEx. She has worked in the banking and non-profit industries. She enjoys her role as a trusted coach to speak her mind while encouraging and allowing her clients to do the same in the safe environment.

She has the ability to quickly get to the bottom line of what’s holding her clients back, all while creating trust with them.  She openly encourages her clients to speak their minds with feedback; because her ultimate goal is to have her clients remove the stumbling blocks, feel respected and catapult their leadership presence in a powerful and satisfying way.

Ideal Clients to Benefit from Working with Bernice:

  • Leaders who are successful in the operations, but struggle with their people skills and hungry to overcome that obstacle
  • Leaders who want to enhance their influence across the organization and make a bigger impact
  • Leaders that want a stronger leadership presence that get results
  • Leaders who are already successful, but paying the heavy price for it and truly seeking for a new way of working that is easier and more impactful. They are trying to avoid burn-out
  • Leaders who are ready to start, stop and continue doing action-items to kick their performance to a much higher level and most importantly, willing to take the action!

Education and Accolades

Bernice earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and master’s in Education from Duquesne University. She has obtained the Senior Professional in Human Resource (SPHR) certification. Bernice is a Certified Professional Coach, as well as an author of three books; “Inspirations to Leadership,” which is a powerful motivational tool for leaders and “Seven Secrets of Success for Every Professional Woman,” where she shares and provides women in leadership strategies and tactics to succeed in the corporate world, and she is proudly co-authoring a Leadership book titled “Ready, Aim, Excel” with the some of the great Leadership gurus, such as Marshall Goldsmith and Ken Blanchard due out this Fall!

In addition, Bernice is a Certified Executive Coach and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.


On the Personal Side

Bernice’s gifts for guiding leaders started early on her career. She realized that she was a “quick read” and able to get to the root of the obstacle as she began coaching leaders in her HR role. Bernice is able to “see” what’s not being said to what’s underneath the “stuff.”

Happily married to her high-school sweetheart Alex  she is enjoying the ride of raising two children, Alexis and Alex Jr. and showing them how to navigate the waters of growing up. Bernice is a self-proclaimed “closet nerd.” Although her time is limited these days, she loves reading, researching on the internet and doing Find-a-Word puzzles.

To engage Bernice and learn more about her programs and services, call 412-294-8044 or send an email