Coaching for executive leadership positions The powerful experience of working with The Masterful Leader™ Coaching Program will give you the tools to make the most of your leadership.  It is designed to help professional executives who want to rapidly accelerate their development as leaders and become the best they can be.

Partnered with a skilled, seasoned executive coach, you will set goals and work in real time on the challenges and opportunities you face in your career.

What are some topics we cover?

  • Identify Your Leadership Style and the Brand You Bring to the Table
  • Communication Skills for Connecting Up, Down and Across All Levels In Your Organization
  • Maintaining Credibility as a Leader
  • Improve Your Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Presence
  • How to Handle the Difficult Conversations and Conflict

Executive coaching is the fastest, most personalized way to achieve your career goals and business objectives. Your coaching sessions are flexible and designed to help you focus on the highest priorities on your calendar, while building skills to achieve your long term goals. You develop goals and an action plan with your coach, based on your own assessment of strengths and areas for development.

While the executive coaching program is designed to address a variety of leader’s needs, many executives select us because of our specialty in handling the topics above.

Our clients recognize the absolute necessity of having someone that can motivate them to maximize their role as a leader. They want to be able to inspire people with big ideas, deliver compelling communications, project powerful executive presence, and influence decisions.

The most rewarding aspect of coaching is working with a partner with whom you can share confidential information in a supportive atmosphere.

We work one-on-one or with teams,  but below are some of the specialties we offer:

Leadership Presence
You are a key leader or executive in your company. You’re strategic in how you’re positioned and would like to make sure that your Internal Brand within the company is strong and you have a great impact with everyone you can come in contact with.

We look at your Personal Brand from a 360 degree view. We will observe you in action, gather feedback from others and give you a perspective on how others perceive you. You will walk away with a clear sense of action on how to make the most of your brand and influence. We’ll provide you with tools and resources to help you make the impact in your presence.

You are the fast track to the next level. You’ve been given the word that you are next in line or on the path to promotion in your career, NOW WHAT? You want to be sure that you’re making the right moves and learn how to navigate properly. We are here to help.

We work together with you and your leader/manager to set clear goals on your next steps. We work with you individually to ensure you have all of the right tools for success in your next phase of your journey.

Leadership Teams
Team dynamics are an ever-changing event. There are so many facts that you have to take into account: development, personality conflicts, varying performance, etc. This puts a lot pressure on the Leader to ensure all of these dynamics are getting the attention they deserve along with the individuals.
This is where we come to look at the team as a whole and the individual parts. We work with each person one-on-one while also reviewing the group in action. Attending meetings, conference calls, etc. will provide us with the valuable knowledge we need to evaluate for suggestive actions to get results. Each team member receives feedback, as well as the group as a whole.

Women in Leadership
Being a woman in a leadership or executive role can be a very challenging situation. Women often have to fight for their “seat at the table” and this poses different obstacles to leadership. You have the “superwomen” syndrome.

We work with women who are looking to make the best of where they are and need a “safe place” to voice their concern and challenges. We provide the space to allow you to work through the obstacles, gain results and remain a lady!

Our belief is we spend the majority of our awake time at work, and if you’re not happy or satisfied at work then you will carry that over into every other aspect of your life…AND simply, it’s NOT worth it.

While the work we do will produce results professionally, the changes also occur in your personal life. This is key, because we work with you as a whole, not just your position. You will walk away being a better connector with others, more confident, and influential.

Bottom line is you will become a “Masterful Leader”!

We work to create the trusted space needed to have a coaching relationship that’s real, candid, and most of helpful and results oriented. We want you to be successful in any goal you set or any challenge you face. Our ability to be quickly zero in on what’s “really” going on, and provide precise feedback allows the coaching to gain momentum quickly.

Our clients walk away with results and changes that some didn’t see possible before. Some gain promotions, new careers, increased confidence, increased visibility, they are able to navigate the muddy waters of office politics with ease, and develop strong professional relationships all while gaining a “renewed” sense of who they are and what they bring to the table.