Get Over Your Shyness – Tips for Professional Women


Shyness is not necessarily a bad quality, but in the professional world, it can hamper your career prospects. For one, it can make you come across as aloof or arrogant, at other times your shyness may stop you from building rapport with people you want to network with.

Ways to get over your shyness?

Go prepared with conversation topics- You may think something is funny and interesting, but just when you are about to add your two bits to the conversation, something stops you-that’s shyness. Even before you speak you start wondering how others may react, that’s the problem!  A good way to overcome this is to go prepared with conversation topics. Do your homework on the people you are going to meet, so that you know what subjects interest them the most.  Before cracking a joke, note your own reaction to it. Are you planning to say something funny just because everyone else is? Or does the joke really make you laugh?

It may sound like a lot of work to do, but with time and practice, you will notice that conversation topics will start coming to you naturally.

Make efforts – This may sound difficult, but the fact is that if you want to get over your shyness you have to make conscious efforts to become more social. So, make eye contact when you talk to people, smile more, dress up well, even if you can’t contribute to a conversation, be a good listener and act interested in what the other person is saying.

Let yourself laugh- Laughter is truly liberating! A full bodied laugh is free of all inhibitions. So, don’t stop yourself from enjoying a good joke, because of your shyness.

Try this little exercise- watch a funny movie or a video while you are alone, notice how you feel after allowing yourself a few loud Ha! Ha’s! Great, right? Let yourself do that in social situations too, even if you think your laugh is funny! After all, what’s the worse that can happen? You’ll only inspire more laughs! The thing to remember is that when you are comfortable with your own flaws, people tend to laugh with you and not at you!

Be true to yourself- This is perhaps the most important tip of all! Getting over your shyness does not mean pretending to be someone you are not. Instead, all it means is that you should stop hiding your true self.  You don’t have to talk incessantly, but only speak up when you want to. You don’t need to giggle like a school girl, but let yourself laugh when you find something funny!

How you behave in social situations will affect your career prospects strongly. So, its important to get over your shyness and let people know how wonderful and talented you really are.

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