How to appear confident in front of your clients- Top 5 tips for professional women

Self Confidence

Whether its charisma or magnetic charm, it comes from one thing and that is self-confidence.  Women who appear sure of themselves seem to attract clients and projects almost effortlessly.  Why? Because their confidence and belief in their own abilities inspires people to place their trust in them. Come to think of it, don’t we all look towards people who appear sure of themselves during times of crisis? Do we ever turn to timid, shy or nervous people for help? No, right? Then why would a manager or client trust you with their valuable time, money and resources, unless you can inspire trust in them?

Using the confidence magnet to attract new clients- Tips and tricks:

1. Don’t be too modest

If you are good at something say it! Your clients will not be able to figure out all your skills on their own. Don’t be shy about talking of your achievements, but remember to stick to the relevant ones only (no boasting about sports trophies you won at school unless of course your job requires you to use your athletic abilities). Finally, make sure you let the client know how and why you are their best choice!

2. Speak slowly

Speaking fast is not only a sign of nervousness, it also often hampers communication. For one, your client may not understand what you are saying if you speak too fast, if they ask you to repeat yourself, you are likely to get flustered, thus making your lack of confidence even more apparent.

3. Mind your body language

Your body language says a lot about your state of mind. If your confidence levels are running low, your actions and eye movements will betray you, unless you are very good at acting! Even non-observant people can read the language of the eyes and hands. So, while you are talking to your clients, try to make frequent eye contact, avoid using exaggerated hand movements and don’t touch your hair or face too much as that will send across the signal that your nervous/interested in more than a professional relationship/or are trying too hard to impress.

4. Talk enthusiastically

Enthusiasm can be infectious, so make sure when you talk about your services or products you inject the right amount of enthusiasm in your voice.  Speaking passionately about your project will not only help you win more brownie points than your competitors but will also inspire the client’s trust.  From a buyer’s perspective, a woman who oozes out confidence and passion for what she does is likely to deliver great results!

5. Address difficult topics before the project starts

The difference between under-confident and confident professionals and businesswomen is that the latter do not shy away from discussing difficult subjects like legal concerns, payment security, etc. If you address these topics in a firm and polite way, not only will you appear confident but will also win the client’s respect.

Self-confidence can do wonders for your business. Just remember not to cross the line and stray into the area of arrogance.

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