How to Impress Your Boss Without Brown Nosing

Like it or not, to grow in your professional life you need to keep your boss happy! No, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stoop to brown-nosing.

You can impress you boss and still keep your dignity intact with following time tested strategies:
Let your boss know how hard you are working
You do not really want to remain an invisible cog in the wheel, do you? All of us desire credit and appreciation for our work. Unfortunately, in the dog-eat-dog corporate world, you will probably not get your due, unless you are aggressive about taking credit when you deserve it. When you have worked hard at something or have accomplished something exceptionally well, you must make sure that your boss gets to know about it.

You do not need to act pompous or boastful, there are in fact several subtle ways to take credit for your work. You can send a thank you mail to everyone in your team and CC it to your boss praising everyone for a job well done. Discussing what you learned from a project you completed successfully in your feedback/review meetings and thanking your boss for the opportunity is another smart way of letting your boss know just how hard you have been working.

Get to know the business
You should know the USP of the product/service you sell, the market dynamics you operate in, the sales and marketing strategies of your company, etc. From a pure HR perspective you may feel that knowing all these details is not important, but the fact is that if you really want to grow in the company you are working in, it is important for you to understand what it does. Not only will this help you build greater credibility with the employees but you will also be able to speak in the language of the upper management when you participate in meetings.

Be honest but don’t forget tact
As tempting as being a ‘yes-person’ sounds it never works in the long run. The most valued people in an organization are those who have out of the box ideas and do not hesitate to put them forward. Your boss will also appreciate you more if you can add to his ideas or suggest new ones that may help your department perform better. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should be blunt or rude when you put your opinion forward. Every one has an ego; you must respect that fact and state your points in such a way that it doesn’t offend anyone.

Get to know your boss
This really is an extension of the previous point. You will know how to push your case successfully if you are aware of the personality traits and flaws of the other person you are talking to (in this case your boss). For instance, if you boss is a very traditional man who likes doing things the way they have always been done, he/she may not like ideas that are too experimental, therefore in order to convince him that you have a great idea, you need to present it in a way that it sounds like a minor deviation from a tried-tested path.

Stay on top of industry and business trends
This will give you lots of fodder to hold intelligent discussions with your boss, without you having to resort to brown-nosing or flattery. You can send interesting articles about developments in your industry to send across the message that you are dedicated and loyal to your organization. Keeping a track of stories concerning human resources in general is also good idea.

Going that extra mile to make your boss happy can do wonders for your career growth and if you can do it with your dignity intact you will get peace of mind as a bonus!

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