Set Yourself Up for Success – The Top 4 Must-Haves

success signHaving a good plan is half the battle won! Of course life doesn’t always go according to our plans, but having one does make it easier for us to stay focused and court success.

The Top 4 Must-Haves to turn your goals into successful results:

  1. Your goals must be motivating.
    Enthusiasm is not a problem when we start something new, however, retaining that initial enthusiasm can prove to be difficult, unless your goals are motivating enough. Therefore, before you set your professional goals, you must first ask yourself, what are the things you are most passionate about? Creating wealth? Building a name for yourself? Giving wings to your creativity? Finding your identity? Whatever, it may be, your answer will give you a sliding scale for your goals. If your goals are related to your passions, you won’t find it too hard to stay motivated.
  2. Your goals must be realistic.
    You can set high and mighty goals for yourself, but unless they are achievable, they will be no better than fantasies and dreams that have no connection with reality. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should set goals that are too easy to achieve, as they will kill the very purpose of goal setting and planning. So, when you set your goals you must take into account the challenges you may face, the resources you have at your disposal, your finances, current skill set and family situation.
  3. Your goals must be in tune with your long term vision.
    Where do you see yourself professionally 10 years from now? Are your goals in sync with your vision? For example, let’s say you want to expand your business and open more stores? Then you need to ask yourself, are your goals leading you where you want to go? Are you planning right?
  4. You must prioritize your goals. The most important thing to remember when it comes to prioritizing your goals is not to think in terms of their importance but their relevance according to your current circumstances. So, what you need to ask yourself is, what do I need to focus on right now? For example, let’s say your goal list includes, investing 20% of your earnings, saving up enough to take two vacations a year, buying your own house, etc. Now, in terms of importance, buying your own house may be on top of your list, but as far as relevance goes, investing 20% of your earnings is what should be your priority.

The manner in which you approach your professional life largely determines how successful you can be. Planning and setting your goals carefully is thus vitally important if you want to set yourself up for success.

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