The Top 3 Confidence Busters That Women Managers Must Address

woman managerSelf-confidence is a much desired quality. Unfortunately there are issues that can severely dent a professional woman’s self confidence.

The following are among the most common confidence busters:

Intimidation and low confidence in male dominated professions

Overcoming gender biases and stereotypes is almost like a ‘part of the job’ for women in male dominated professions.  The most common ones are either associated with gender roles that we have been conditioned to see as sacrosanct or with the capabilities and skills that have traditionally been associated with one’s gender.

Let’s take IT for example. Women techies often have to work extra hard to prove that they are as capable, if not more than their male colleagues. Why? One, because conventional stereotypes say that women are not as good at understanding technology as men are and two, because its a male dominated field. So it is assumed that women will be in support roles.

The best way to deal with such stereotypes is to project a firm and no-nonsense persona. Most of all, it is important to develop a thick skin and not let people’s prejudices affect your own self-belief and confidence.

Soft Power vs. Aggression
Soft power is another stereotype associated with women. While there is no harm in exerting soft power, often it is even essential. However, it is also important for women managers to ensure that their clients and team members know that they are capable of getting aggressive when the situation demands.

Sometimes women get drawn into the stereotypical roles that society projects and end up either suppressing or losing their real selves. This again can be severely detrimental to their self-confidence.

Taking time for personal development
We can’t be super women, yet we are expected to be. A woman is expected to excel in her career without really compromising on her duties as a mother and at the same time be a good supportive spouse too. So, invariably a majority of women end up compromising on their personal time and growth. What a lot of professional women don’t realize is that their personal growth is essential not only for success in their careers but also for their overall happiness, well being and confidence.

A little exercise will perhaps explain this point better. Think back to a time when you did something that helped you grow as a person, whether it was social work, learning something new, reading or simply spending time with yourself. How did you feel? Happy? More confident? More at peace with yourself, right?

At the end of the day self-confidence is about how you see yourself.  So, as long as you are happy with who you are, you won’t find it hard to step out of the house everyday feeling confident and ready to face whatever challenges life might throw your way!

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