Top 4 Tips to Convince and Influence People


Success in any business depends a lot on your interpersonal interaction with people in your organization as well as your clients. Therefore, knowing how to influence and convince people is a skill you must learn. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get people to do exactly what you want?


Here are the top 4 tips on how to effectively convince and influence others:

1. Make them think it’s their idea- If someone tells you to do something, you wonder why? But if the idea is your own or at least seems like your own, you won’t question the intention, right? So, if you want to influence someone, let them take the credit for the idea. Put your point across in a way that it seems as if outcome doesn’t affect you much, but the outcome that you want is in the other person’s interest.


2. Aggression is good, but use it with care- Women in the professional world often find themselves stuck in the dilemma -to be aggressive or not! While it’s important not to come across as docile, aggression too can backfire, if not used sparingly and at the right time. You will find this to be particularly true when you have to confront someone. People tend to attack when they are threatened, more so when they are guilty. So, if you talk to them in a firm but polite manner, while sending across the message that you are willing to listen to their side, you are likely to influence them to not only share more information but also act in a more cooperative manner.


3. Bait and Wait- Patience is the key to developing excellent persuasive skills. So, if you want to influence someone to act in a certain way, make them come to you or wait for the right time to ask. How? The answer is- keep your eyes and ears open, you may find an opportunity to do them a favor or figure out if you can offer them something they really want. The fact is that once someone has taken a favor from you, they’ll find it hard to refuse your ‘request’.


4. Show them you like them- Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Letting people know you appreciate them without it seeming like brown-nosing (if you are talking to someone who exerts more power or influence than you), initiating discussions on topics of their interests or encouraging them to talk about themselves, are all excellent ways of building a good rapport. Once you make someone feel liked and appreciated, in all probability they will return the feeling too, unless you come across as creepy or someone with a specific agenda!


All these tips sound great, but how about practical application? Honestly, as long as you keep in mind that- People take what they believe is the best course of action in a given situation based on their self interests, you won’t have a problem using these suggestions in the real world.

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