Top 4 Tips to Inspire Loyalty and Trust Among Your Team Members

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In today’s intensively competitive world,  loyalty and trust are very precious assets. If you can manage to build both, you will have wealth that no one can steal from you!  The ability to inspire loyalty and trust will not only help make your team more efficient but will also make you a formidable competitor.

The question now is- how do you do it?

Tip 1- Lead as you Preach
Respect, it is said, is not demanded but commanded.  In order to inspire loyalty, you must first gain the respect of your team members. Therefore, it is extremely important that you lead them by example. So, if you want them to report to work on time, make sure you are there first. If you want your team members to talk and resolve internal conflicts, make sure you are never heard screaming at someone whether in person or on the phone.

Tip2- Know your job
You know your job and believe in yourself, but are your team members equally convinced of your capabilities? There may be some people in your team who have a gender prejudice (especially if you work in a male dominated profession), while others may be simply distrustful, more so if you have been newly appointed to the position.  So, make sure you use opportunities to show your capabilities. This doesn’t mean that you have to boast or talk incessantly about your achievements. Instead, in order to gain their loyalty and trust, step in whenever there is a crisis, don’t act as if certain jobs are beneath you and give new members the benefit of your experience, by guiding them when they feel stuck.

Tip 3- Make your team members feel important
You know you are the more powerful person in the relationship. However, in order to inspire loyalty among your team members, it is important to make them feel like they hold some importance in the relationship as well.  So, make sure you give them credit when its due, encourage them to share their ideas and try not to shoot down the ones you don’t like rudely. Give them opportunities to grow and take a genuine interest in their careers.

Tip 4- Keep your word
No matter what your position is, you won’t be able to get people to trust you, if you have a habit of lying or backtracking. So, make promises carefully and more importantly honor them.

Loyalty and trust are not built in a day.  Patience and persistence are the most important building blocks.

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